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Katrina’s diaspora – Case Study #TJ138

By June 27, 2006Uncategorized

Theon Johnson has had a hard life, first being poor, and then struggling through the aftermath of Katrina.  Being away from home is not easy for anyone, but, despite it all, Johnson remains upbeat as he clings to the little he’s got.  Which, in his case (thanks to FEMA, and certain inalienable legal rights granted by the City of New York), is a nice room with two full-size beds at the JFK Airport Holiday Inn.

the hotel served Johnson with three notices of occupancy termination…If the court boots him, Johnson could end up in
one of the city’s homeless shelters. He’s been broke for over a month
now. FEMA sent him $9,000 in housing aid, but he spent it all on booze,
cigarettes, some clothes, and food—partying, mostly. “I spent my money
just the way I wanted, and I think [fema] should send me some more,” he
[N.Y. Times]

Maybe they will.  After all, I think that what Theon’s trying to tell us, in his own vernacular of course, is: never underestimate the insanity of government spending.

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