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Katrina Update – Moblog Report #2

By August 29, 2005Uncategorized

I drove around my dad’s condo, which is in Uptown near the zoo. Trees are down everywhere. Many streets are impassable. Power lines are strewn about. A few uptown residents were on their porches sitting in stunned silence. Some were on bicycles. Some nefarious types were on motorcycles obviously preparing for a night of profitable looting. The police cars were patrolling too so no doubt the criminals will face opposition.

Most uptown houses were fine, some roof damage and some broken windows but most houses were boarded up and were fine. My neighbors (at least the tech-savvy ones) have text messaged me asking about their houses. I’ve been able to answer their questions b/c SMS works but not phones. I’m going to start trying to figure out how to post pictures and where to find wi-fi. I’m posting this via SMS with a friend who can get to my blog.

I haven’t heard radio reports but it’s pretty clear to me that this city isn’t going to be even marginally operational for at least a couple of weeks or even a month.  It’s hard to walk around and think "we dodged a bullet" because the basic infrastructure is still so damaged.  A guy named Alex summed it up when he told me, "Forget Betsy and Camille.  I don’t want to hear people say they lived thru those storms.  I saw Katrina and she was the meanest bitch of ’em all."

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  • jami says:

    here is a forum for flooding information:

  • jami says:

    here are phone numbers that will relay information to new orleans rescuers.225-922-1278


  • ann says:


    Looking to you for specific reports from New Orleans. Wondering about Jamie & Steve’s pocessions as well as Jennifer and Kim and your own personal life. Keep trying to get a good look at your office building but haven’t been successful. Jennifer evacuated Sunday to Bunkie w/ car load of cats.

    Jamie’s mom,ANN

  • Darin says:

    Hey, Ernie, have you heard from anyone from the LSBA? Can you forwardFrank’s email to me. I need to get in touch with someonefrom the Bar. We are in Alexandria and have no idea what things are likeover there. I believe my property has been wiped out.

  • Roger in Charleston says:


    My heart goes out to you and your city. It brings back every bad memory of Hugo hitting Charleston in ’89. The short-term recovery is horrible and depressing; however, it will get better, I promise, and you and NOLA will come back stronger and better than ever. Please take care to watch out for older friends and family members in particular. The depression that will follow can be overwhelming at times. People can be resilient as long as they have hope, but in many respects the short-term aftermath is worse than the event. Send them somewhere cool if possible. People are good and willing to help. Let them.


  • Eh Nonymous says:

    Ernie, to echo what everybody over at Evan’s is thinking, glad youmade it, good luck, keep up posted please, and let us know if there’sanything we can do.

    Hope all of you and yours came through with minimal loss to property orotherwise.

  • Kim & Brian says:


    Great that you are safe and sound. Sounds like it was brutal and the aftermath looks even worse from what they are showing on tv. Good luck with getting back on track–we’ll be down in October, hope to see you then.

    Take care,Kim & Brian

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