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Katrina Update – Moblog Report #1

By August 29, 2005Uncategorized

So here it is, the update. I’ll start by saying we are safe and sound. We have no power but the landline works and we seem to have running water. The wind last night was ominous and terrifying. We had the storm shutters down so we couldn’t see out at all. But it sounded like hell’s demons were coming to take our souls.

We still have our souls and our provisions so now we wait for the wind to die down so we can go out and reconnoiter. Ill keep you posted.

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  • jami says:

    glad you’re okay. there has been a broken water main, so some drinkingwater has been contaminated. be careful.

  • Dave! says:

    Glad to hear you made it through, soul intact.

  • Will Cox says:

    Whew! Glad to hear you’re OK.

  • GraceD says:

    ..and he’s SAFE! New Orleans scores another homerun.

    I trackbacked to your site and some of your traffic cruised over to my blog which made my stats soar upwards for 24 hours. So, it’s logical to conclude that a lot of folks were checking in on you, and certainly hoping you were doing okay.

    The Internets. She can be kind and loving.

  • Mad Kane says:

    Glad to see you’re relatively okay. Hope your wonderful city recovers faster than you anticipate and that you, your family and friends survive this relatively unscathed.

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