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Just who is Barack Obama?

That’s the thing Ed Rollins, a political strategist (read: “inside the beltway box thinker”), says no one has figured out yet. I have this weird suggestion: read this book called Dreams of my Father. In it Obama explains a lot about himself; he even answers Ed’s concern about being a “community organizer in Chicago, whatever that means.” Hmmm, sounds suspicious. I wondered what it meant too.


At first Obama didn’t know what it meant either; he was told to go into impoverished communities and engage some pastors to help raise awareness about loss of manufacturing jobs. And at the first visit, guess what happened? The pastors didn’t welcome him. He was an outsider and they didn’t trust people who came in with fancy titles like ‘community organizer.’ So what happened next?

I’m not going to tell you. Ask Ed Rollins and see if he knows. Or, here’s that crazy idea again: read Obama’s book.

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