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Just got a random phone call to my computer from a guy in Brazil

By November 8, 2004web-tech

I installed Skype a few weeks ago (see my prior post regarding Skype), and so far only two of my friends have my Skype Username (it’s ‘ernieattorney’ if anyone wants to know).  So when my laptop started emitting a ringing sound a few minutes ago I figured it was one of those two  friends. 

Nope.  It was some guy named Pablo Bressnelli calling from Brazil.  When I answered he asked me where I was in the world.  I told him I was in New Orleans in the United States.  He apologized for the interruption and explained that he was testing to see which countries he could call.  Then he said he had to go so he could try calling some numbers in Europe.  Bye, Pablo!

I tell you this Internet thing is a great way to meet people from foreign countries. 

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