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Judge Brady Fitzsimmons – A Great Louisiana Judge

By August 10, 2004November 11th, 2020Uncategorized

Judge Brady Fitzsimmons (pdf file) is running for re-election to the Louisiana First Circuit in September. I can’t say enough good things about Judge Fitzsimmons, so let me put it succinctly. He has no bias and does not play favorites. Even though I have come to know him as a good friend, I know that he would rule against me in a second if he believed I was advocating what he perceived to be the wrong side of an argument. In short, he has my greatest respect as a judge who has complete integrity and an unwavering commitment to doing his job in a fair and impartial way.

If those were his only qualities I’d say those are enough to vote for him without reservation. The fact that he’s also hard-working and wise is, as we say in Louisiana, ‘lagniappe.’ Hopefully, one day he will be a member of the Louisiana Supreme Court. But for now it’s a no brainer that he should be re-elected to the Louisiana Fourth Circuit. And, when he is, I’m going to suggest that he pull whatever strings he can to have the First Circuit’s website updated (the main page is a slow-loading portal page relic from the Jurassic period of the Internet).

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