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John Dvorak criticizes blogs – Strong response follows

By December 2, 2003web-tech

John Dvorak, all-around tech curmudgeon, has written a PC magazine article on blogging. Shel Israel joins the fray in criticizing Dvorak, calling on him to hang up his spurs. Or, more precisely, “consider a new career in ceramic crafts at your local senior center.”

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One Comment

  • Robert says:

    I wonder what motivated Dvorak’s rant? I mean, if his premise is “blogs will never replace journalism,” then he’s got a point. And? Dvorak’s piece actually got me thinking though. I read an editorial in this morning Times-Picayune, and I considered writing a letter in response. I decided against it for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that unlike online commentary, I couldn’t adequately support my counter-argument with citations (links). In that sense, blogs (at least those that allow comments) are revolutionary. I don’t have to be entirely passive, and with some exceptions, what I write is not subject to editorial review before it is made public. (Though that can be a pain in the butt).

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