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It’s election time, and you know what that means…

By November 1, 2004current affairs

Now that we have managed to make litigation an integral part of the political process (i.e. first step, get on the ballot and get as many votes as possible; second step, if you don’t win, sue), we are finding that litigation can be used in almost every part of the process. Law professor Peter Friedman is keeping tabs on things in the pivotal state of Ohio. If I had world enough and time, I could start a link fusillade here for other political/litigation around the country. But I have neither.

Suffice it to say, regardless of who wins, the last thing we need in the Presidential election is a close vote. Newsweek columnist Robert Samuelson recently voiced a similar opinion: “Here’s what we really need: the winner takes 52 percent of the popular vote and enough electoral votes so that a few close and contested states don’t matter.” Amen, to that.

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