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Is the NSA reading your email?

By December 26, 2005Uncategorized

So now we know that the NSA has been monitoring domestic telecom traffic, including emails.  But how do you know if they are reading your email?  Security expert Bruce Schneier has an idea.

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One Comment

  • Jay M. says:

    As a lawyer, I’d expect you would have some critical thinking skills. Don’t you think playing games to try and lure the NSA into wasting time on you guys is maybe not a good idea considering the limited resources we have might be best directed are real issues and not grown adults acting like children? Aren’t there more productive, less potentially distructive ways you can accomplish the same goal? Besides, do you really think the gov’t hasn’t been monitoring your email for years?

    Also, re: your posts on Katrina. I appreciate you taking a stand against the moonbats, but I’m disappointed by your criticism of Bush. He delivered. A boat load of cash, certainly in sufficient, but unprecedented. No one politician will solve this mess, and I am sorry for your and all of our losses there, but it didn’t take one politician to create this situation, resulting from decades of neglect and abuse of power (what party has run NO for years?), so it’s won’t be fixed by any one politician, or any time soon. We all have to chip in, continuously, for a very long time.

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