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Is a cow a ‘motor vehicle’?

By October 20, 2004November 11th, 2020Humor

Most children could answer this question. But just because a child could answer it doesn’t mean that it can’t become the pivotal issue in a lawsuit. In Mayor v. Wedding, page 4, the court explains that:

“The dispute in this case is whether the cow was a “land motor vehicle” as defined in the policy. While a cow is designed for operation on land, we do not believe a cow is a “motor vehicle.” The policy at issue does not separately define “motor vehicle;” therefore we must look to the common, ordinary meaning of this term.”

Thanks to Jeff Richardson for bringing this important legal decision to our attention. Oh, and check out Justice Bedsworth’s humorous and sardonic take on this opinion. He says he would have handled the opinion writing a little differently:

“My opinion would have recited the facts in a single paragraph and then held, ‘Hello? It’s a cow.’”

Seems to have the proper judgment and tone. And brevity. How often do you see that combination in a judicial opinion?

Seriously, though. Do yourself a favor and go read Justice Bedsworth’s post.

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