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Improvements to this blog: Update to RSS feed & New Email Feature

By November 21, 2005Uncategorized

If you are reading this in a News Reader or News Aggregator I’d appreciate it if you would update the RSS feed to this address.  I believe the old address will continue to work, but the new one ties into Feedburner, which is a great company that my friend Rick Klau works for.  I found out a lot of benefits to using Feedburner and I’d like to start doing that now.  Basically, that means I’m asking people who read this blog in a news reader to update their RSS subscriptions.

Of course, many of you have no idea what a news aggregator is or don’t want to use one.  But you may still want to get new posts when they come out without having to check to see if the site has been updated.  So if you want to receive new posts by email you can subscribe by putting your email address in the box on the top left and then hitting the ‘Subscribe Me’ button.  The service that provides the emails is called FEEDblitz and I think you’ll find it to be a good service if you try it.

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