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I’m off to PopTech! – Camden, Maine here I come

By October 16, 2003Uncategorized

Today I leave for PopTech, a conference in Camden, Maine that is hard to explain. But if you are fascinated with the impact that technology is having on our lives, it is easy to enjoy. Anyway, “explanations” are overrated.

The official website describes the gathering as follows:

“Every autumn, in the beautiful seaside village of Camden, Maine, more than thirty of the world’s most intriguing visionaries, innovators, leaders, scientists, intellectuals and artists come together for an extraordinary weekend to explore the future.”

Normally, I would regard such a description as bit over-the-top. Last year I attended for the first time, and I was blown away. Completely. My blog notes from the 2002 conference are available here. This year will feature another wonderful group of tech-luminaries and keen observers of social change, but the person I’m most looking forward to seeing is Larry Lessig. I recently met his old boss who, of course, had wonderful things to say about him. No big surprise there.

They have Wi-Fi at the conference so hopefully I’ll be blogging about it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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