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I’ll have a blue, blue roof for Christmas

By November 25, 2005Uncategorized

Lakeside_mall_christmas_village_blue_rooNothing signals the beginning of the Christmas season like the day after Thanksgiving, when hoards of eager shoppers head out to the mall.  One of the busiest malls in New Orleans has always been the Lakeside Mall.  Unfortunately, it was severely damaged by wind, water and looters. 

But a herculean effort has made it possible for the mall to reopen.  I don’t think all of the stores are up and running but apparently they’ve at least managed to get the Christmas village and train display up for the kids.  Notice that wonderful little detail on the roof of the house.  What would a toy village be without little blue roofs? 

It’s heart warming to see that the Army Corps of Engineers’ Blue Roof program is helping protect all kinds of houses here in the hurricane ravaged Crescent City.

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