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If you want more from this blog

By December 1, 2005Uncategorized

Consider getting the email subscription.  A couple of possible benefits (depending on what you want):

  1. You’ll automatically receive posts as they come out, so you won’t waste time visiting the site if I haven’t posted anything new
  2. You’ll get to see pictures that I’ve uploaded to the Flickr photo site as they get uploaded.  Otherwise, you’ll have to visit the Flickr site or wait for the photos to rotate onto the main page of the blog.
  3. You’ll get a list of my links, which are a grouping of webpages and stories that I’ve bookmarked as interesting.  Many of them will relate to Katrina and to New Orleans’ effort to rebuild after Katrina.  You can see these by clicking on the link on the left of my blog that is labelled ‘Hurricane Katrina", but if you get the email version you’ll just see the list automatically with only the newest links.  And you’ll see all the stories I tag, not just the Katrina ones (the others are related to law, the internet, and assorted other interests).

I’ve been getting the email subscription to my blog for a few days now (just to see how it works) and I have to say the email version is pretty slick.  I realize that I’m going to lower my hit count by telling you this, but I’m don’t care.  I’m more interested in making your life easier.  So if you read this blog regularly, or even semi-regularly, I’d sign up for the email version.  Just enter your email address up there on the top left-hand side.

Of course, if you want to keep my hit count up by visiting the site every day that’s okay by me too.

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