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I like to watch, and now it’s cheap too

By August 6, 2003websites

Chauncey Gardner, the quiet dolt played by Peter Sellers in the movie Being There, at one point tells a lusty and bored housewife that he “likes to watch.” She takes this in a sexual way, but he really meant he just ‘likes to watch TV.’

Well, hopefully the New Orleans police can find some guys who ‘like to watch.’ As in ‘TV monitors.’ Lots of them.

Looks like the City will be installing 1,000 surveillance cameras as part of its high tech crime prevention system. [see article in Times Picayune]. My guess is the ‘deterrent function’ won’t be as good as the ‘evidence gathering function.’

A lot of witnesses around here in New Orleans are scared to testify in criminal cases. Cameras, on the other hand, have no fear.

Hope they’re bulletproof, though.

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