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I have a very sound theory

By November 8, 2003Humor

My son (who is doing very well in 10th grade at a Jesuit school) has a paper due this Monday on the Boston Massacre. I asked him “what is this paper going to be about?” He said he wasn’t sure, but “probably about how the Boston Massacre increased tensions between the United States and Britain.”

I grappled with the implications of his statement, and then with my parental responsibilities.

“Is that a point that’s even worth making?” I inquired. “It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?” He said “well, I have to say something about it.” Apparently, merely having a theory is good enough as long as you can take 5 pages of double-spaced text to lay it all out. So with paltry deference to his planned approach, I told him his observations would carry the same weight as the ones made by A. Elk (Miss.).

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