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I have a very sound theory

By November 8, 2003humor

My son (who is doing very well in 10th grade at a Jesuit school) has a paper due this Monday on the Boston Massacre. I asked him “what is this paper going to be about?” He said he wasn’t sure, but “probably about how the Boston Massacre increased tensions between the United States and Britain.”

I grappled with the implications of his statement, and then with my parental responsibilities.

“Is that a point that’s even worth making?” I inquired. “It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?” He said “well, I have to say something about it.” Apparently, merely having a theory is good enough as long as you can take 5 pages of double-spaced text to lay it all out. So with paltry deference to his planned approach, I told him his observations would carry the same weight as the ones made by A. Elk (Miss.).

P.S. If you appreciate my observations, you might want to join my inner circle.


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