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I hate Quicken

By May 22, 2005websites

This probably belongs on my TechFengShui blog, but it’s more of a rant so I’ll leave it here.  I know people who have managed to use Quicken to organize their finances.  I used to admire these people.  But, now that I have been seriously using Quicken for about 6 months, I am in complete awe of them. 

Some of my problems are basic and have to do with setting up the program.  The most frustrating problems have to do with technical issues.  Getting Quicken to pull my online banking data was not easy; I enjoyed the chance to troubleshoot the problem but I can’t envision too many people getting past this step (which was only a problem because of how my particular bank works).

The automatic bill pay in Quicken seems to want to take over my bank’s bill pay system, with the result that I have a nagging feeling that one day an important bill is going to go unpaid, or paid late.  I could go on, but there’s no point.  Here’s the bottom line:  I’m going to keep using Quicken this year.  But I’m going to pray that by next year Apple, Google or someone invents a new, easier to use system.  I really despise Quicken.

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