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Hurricane Retrospective

By June 24, 2006katrina

Katrina_exhibitThe New Orleans Museum of Art has a photo exhibit called "Katrina Exposed," which is free to all Louisiana residents and runs til September.  If you are in New Orleans you must go see this exhibit, which is several rooms of floor-to-ceiling photos taken by amateurs and professionals.  If you can get through without crying then I commend you.  The most compelling things are photos by kids,  accompanied by their simple reflections on Katrina.

One girl from Chalmette captured a dusty street filled with debris and a forlorn brick house in the foreground.  The camera angle was low and looked up so that the blue sky  filled the top third of the scene.  She wrote: "If you look up at the sky it’s very pretty.  If you look around it’s the very opposite."

Another picture was of a single bird on a telephone wire, with a blue sky in the background.  The words below said "the birds used to all hang out here together, but now only one bird has the courage to return."

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