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Hurricane Ivan – Update

By September 15, 2004Uncategorized

The curfew kicks in about an hour from now (2 pm CST) so this morning I took a leisurely drive around the City whilst listening to some pastoral classical music selections on the local NPR station. There is something strangely peaceful about contemplative classical music as you drive around in a city devoid of any traffic whatsoever, pedestrian or vehicular. The sky is getting overcast, but there is no wind or rain and it looks like any normal day after a nuclear holocaust, except the buildings are standing and there is still classical music on the radio.

Later on tonight when the storm winds arrive it will be time to listen some Dvorak or perhaps some Wagner. And, as long as there is electricity, perhaps it would make sense to read some Hunter S. Thompson and sample a nice bottle of Cabernet.

Tomorrow the city will come back to life in a groggy way, as if emerging from a hangover; then on Friday I expect to hear the cacophonous sound of chainsaws and leaf blowers. And there will be beautiful, calm weather, of course.

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