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How to post to a weblog with little or no effort

By August 6, 2003web-tech

Use your News Aggregator. No big secret; that’s it.

I had been used to the idea of using a news aggregator to post to my weblog from my Radio Userland experience. But now that I’ve switched to the world of Apple (which is in turn causing me to reconfigure other things in my weblog life) I have been using NetNewsWire as my news aggregator, and I have to say it is the best aggregator I have ever used (although in fairness I haven’t used NewsGator, which everyone tells me is the best in the Windows world because of its integration with Outlook).

But the best part of NetNewsWire is that you can post to your weblog directly from the aggregator. That saves time and makes life easy. If you’re an obssessed weblogger.

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