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How to end ‘music piracy’ on University campuses? Easy; switch to ‘analog’

By October 28, 2003current affairs, music

N.Y. Times: “Keith Winstein and Josh Mandel drew the idea for their campus-wide network from a blend of libraries and from radio. Their effort…which is backed by M.I.T. and financed by research money from the Microsoft Corporation, will provide music from some 3,500 CD’s through a novel source: the university’s cable television network. The students say the system, which they plan to officially announce today, falls within the time-honored licensing and royalty system under which the music industry allows broadcasters and others to play recordings for a public audience.”

Larry Lessig calls this idea brilliant: “using the cable network to distribute analog content, and thereby taking advantage of the existing analog blanket licenses covering music.”

Update: Big surprise! Someone in the music industry objects to this scheme.

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