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How little does law school prepare you for practice?

By November 19, 2003Uncategorized

Gerry Spence, famed trial attorney from Wyoming, recounts his impressions of law school: “I did not learn much that was of real use. I learned how to speak, but not to people. I learned how to think, but not in terms of justice. I learned how to write, but in a style that was deadly boring. I had never seen a deed, a will, a real contract. I had never looked at a poor man in trouble, a miscreant in jail. I had no idea about how the law works…” [from story in the National Jurist]

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One Comment

  • Andrew says:

    National Jurist managed to get quotes from some of the truly great members of the legal community: Ann Coulter, Geraldo Rivera and Jerry Springer. What esteemed company!

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