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How Gaia is working to restore New Orleans

By September 18, 2006Uncategorized

Pothole_on_henry_clay_avePeople complain about the dearth of available housing in New Orleans, which is certainly true.  Folks are upset because they feel that elected officials are dragging their bureaucratic feet and not doing enough to create affordable living spaces.  Fortunately, a mysterious natural power is working relentlessly to address this situation.  I detected this unseen power as I drove down Henry Clay Avenue and spotted this sign (click on photo to enlarge).  At first I thought the sign was there to alert drivers to swerve before their vehicle plunged into the large pothole.  However, upon further reflection, I realized this was the power of Gaia, a natural force that can heal the earth to allow planetary organisims to thrive.  For example, the Earth uses forest fires to create new land, which seems harsh to homeowners, but is actually good in an overall way.

Okay, so how does Gaia come into play with potholes?

Well, right now the land that’s most quickly being developed in New
Orleans is in the streets.  Potholes are cropping up all over the
place, which most people think is a bad thing.  But look what happens
with the evolution of a pothole like the one on Henry Clay.  At first,
it’s small and annoying, and people don’t see it.  So they just drive
through it.  This keeps happening and the pothole keeps getting
bigger.  The city has no money to repair it so it just sits there and
keeps growing.  Eventually, it gets big enough that people have to
drive around it. 

At this point, the land that was once
simply a pothole becomes available for use as something other than a
street.  That’s when the ‘For Rent’ sign gets placed there.  The For
Rent sign has the dual purpose of alerting drivers to swerve and also
lets people know that the land is available as a living space.   Sure,
it’s not optimal living space because it’s noisy and sort of dangerous (but not much more dangerous than a FEMA trailer).
But, trust me, there are people out there who would gladly live in a
pothole if it meant they could return to New Orleans.  And when one of
those distressed denizens of diaspora settles into this newly created
land they will be thankful.  Not to the politicians, but to that
amazing invisible force: Gaia.

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