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How do you plan your life now?

By September 1, 2005Uncategorized

One of my friends emailed me and raised some questions that I know a lot of the displaced people are wondering about.  I’ll let her words speak for those of us who now find ourselves in a huge quandry:

don’t you just wish you had a crystal ball to see what lies ahead for the city?  it would be so much easier to plan the next few months.  should we assume that everything will progress smoothly and plan to be back at our houses, schools and jobs within a year?  in that case, we just set up temporary shop someplace.  or, should we assume (perhaps more realistically) that the situation will continue to spiral out of control with the criminal element ruling the streets and destroying whatever is left?  in that case, we need to be looking for more permanant digs.  i’ll be looking for answers for these and other pertinent questions on your blog in the coming weeks.

Of course, I wish I could find the answers to questions like these, but obviously these are personal issues.  Still, I’m pretty sure that this disaster is going to create a huge fork in the road for many of us, and that many people will choose to create a new life outside of New Orleans.

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  • marie says:

    I have a couple of lawyer friends in NOLA. They aren’t there now. Buddy and Annie Spell. Hope you are able to survive this hardship.

    best wishes marie

  • Crank says:

    The decision to relocate has to be easier for non-lawyers who don’t have state-licensing issues with making a living if they move to another state.

  • R.Paul Olson says:

    I have housing If you need or know some one who needs housing and can come to Ca. Contact me ( Paul ) at rpaulolson@yahoo.comWhat we have is a mother in-law unit empty could acomadate two to four people in need .

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