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How death came to visit the music industry

By November 28, 2007Uncategorized

Dick Morris is a big player in the music industry, but like many music executives he had no vision  whatsoever (or maybe it was lack of initiative).  Wired Magazine explained that he liked to "rail against criminal-minded college students and
low-life punks who steal the music that his artists work so hard to
create."  But he "admits to being fairly ignorant about technology" insisting
that his job was to nurture the creative side of the business.

Yep, and Nero’s job was to fiddle while the flames rose.  What a stupid statement: Complain about what you don’t control, while you say that the one thing you could control is completely incomprehensible to you. No wonder the music industry is in shambles.  But, I am glad. 

If there are two words that don’t belong together it’s "music" and "industry."

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One Comment

  • Chris says:

    It’s easy to blame others for falling profits. And being too concerned with profits leads to crap music. Terrestrial radio is a good example of that. I’m not too keen on renting music, either. I’d rather pay someone like Sirius to entertain me, to introduce me to good music, some of which is older music that I’ve never heard before (e.g., on the “Underground Garage”).

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