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Housing in New Orleans

By November 5, 2005Uncategorized

Finding a place to stay in New Orleans is one of the challenges right now.  If you have a friend with extra room in their house then that’s the simplest option.  As more people come back and more businesses open those businesses need to find a place to house the incoming workers whose houses were rendered uninhabitable.  I saw this sign advertising ‘dormitory style accomodations’ hanging from the corner balcony of the Astor Crown Plaza (which is on Canal St. in the French Quarter). 

I visited the website for BunkbedsNewOrleans and it basically just tells you about some of the amenities (Common lounge with Cable TV and wifi at some locations) and lists the phone number.  I called and got a recording, which appears to be for the Astor Crown Plaza.  What’s the deal?  Is the Astor Crown Plaza running the equivalent of military barracks? I don’t know.  The website is pretty lame and the recording wasn’t really all that informative.  Pretty much par for the course if you are looking to find housing accomodations in New Orleans.

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  • Dave Rhoden says:

    Speaking of finding places, I’m quite grateful to FEMA for making it possible for me to get out of New Orleans…I’m back in New York City (actually Williamsburg, Brooklyn) to stay. There are many more opportunities for me here, none of them, I’m sort of happy to say, involving law. I’m taking my last two classes for the JD at Fordham, which means a couple of trips to Lincoln Center each week; the rest of the time I’m illustrating and designing.

    The law thing–the choice to finally go to law school–was sort of a response to the lack of available suitable work in Louisiana. Now that I don’t live there anymore, I guess I’m not going to bother with it if I can find something I can do better…which I can. For my recent job searches, I took law school off my resume–people assume if you’re that close to a law degree you’re just going to quit when you get it.

    Dave Rhoden

    (Hope this was interesting. Sorry to hijack your weblog with my personal struggle, but it’s both law- and Katrina-related…plus you keep getting the featured links! )

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