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Holiday wishes 2005

By December 25, 2005November 11th, 2020katrina

Dave Winer has a holiday wish, which includes a special message for New Orleans.  Last year I was in Panama visiting my dad and as I recall we began the new year horrified at the devastation in India and South Asia as a Tsunami struck and caused damage along coastal towns and villages.  Never would I have guessed that a similar fate would befall my own city.  Still, I’m happy for the the many things that have ‘gone right’ in my life. I have great family and friends, and I have three wonderful kids.  Here is a copy of the letter that I wrote them this year for Christmas; it pretty much summarizes how I feel about all of this Katrina stuff.  It’s good to have people outside New Orleans –people like Dave Winer– who care about us and who want to help.  I’ve learned a lot from Katrina, mostly I’ve learned how helpful people can be if they are given the chance to be positive.

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