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Hillary’s comeback

By January 9, 2008politics

Well, it looks like Hillary regained the momentum she needed.  Now the pundits have to figure out why.  Were the polls that wrong, or did the voters resent the polls and shift gears at the last minute? Was it the crying thing?  Was it her sharp performance during the last debate?  Are people now sympathetic to Hillary because she was (briefly) an underdog?  Is there wisdom in the crowds, or just fickle emotion? 

Don’t ask me.  Whenever I start to think I have a handle on politics I’m swiftly reminded that I don’t. I am totally out-of-sync with mainstream politics. I’m not qualified to give campaign advice, and I have no insight.  Hell, I couldn’t even plan an political parade.  Speaking of which, does anyone remember that Bill Clinton got the Colorado Precision Lawn Chair Marching Team to perform at his first inauguration?  If you watch this video it doesn’t look like they’re very precise.  When it comes to precision lawn chair maneuvering, this is the guy I’d vote for.

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