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Help Iowa lawyers affected by the flood

Picture_11Iowa lawyers need help dealing with the aftermath of the flood, and the Linn County Bar Association is the best information resource right now. I’m sure that they would appreciate any assistance that people can provide, and I know that there are lawyers in New Orleans who are mobilizing to help out. So, if you are willing to help then contact the Linn County Bar.

One thing that would help is if the Linn County Bar site had better web presence (e.g. “google stature”). If you search for ‘Linn County Bar‘ their website doesn’t show up anywhere near the top of the result pages. So perhaps you legal bloggers, and other web celebs, could make reference to their site and use the words “Linn County Bar.”

The site has a resource page for Flood Information, as well as a ‘Displaced Attorney Contact‘ page.

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  • Larry Port says:

    Correction to the above comment – should be for the remainder of 2008 or until you find a new home, whichever comes later.

  • Larry Port says:

    Hi Ernie:

    Great post – our hearts go out to these folks, having been through weather disasters ourselves. We echoed the link.

    Want to let any displaced lawyers know – if you have been displaced by disastrous weather, we are offering our product, which allows you to manage your practice and track time and billing, free of charge for the remainder of 2008 or until you find a new home, whichever comes first.

    For info:


  • Jason says:

    Thanks for mentioning our bar association site! We appreciate it.

    For some reason, Google does not appear to be indexing the site. I have resubmitted it to Google.

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