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Healthcare in New Orleans after Katrina & Charity Hospital

By February 9, 2006katrina

People are justifiably anxious about the marginal state of our healthcare in New Orleans.  Recently, I got an email from the creator of a blog called Concerned for Charity Hospital, which I think is a very interesting blog.  Charity hospital was the principal trauma center in the city, but the building that it operated in was severely damaged.  This new blog should be a good place for discussion about the situation that Charity Hospital is in, and how that affects the city.

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One Comment

  • I remember the common wisdom that if you ever got shot in New Orleans, you wanted to be sent to Charity because they got all the gun shot cases, and because of the large number of these type of cases, they were very good at them. I guess now this experitse has been sent out to the rest of the country. Good to hear the story on NPR recently about the fact that New Orleans is not relatively crime free, a prediction I had early after the storm.

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