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Heading to Baton Rouge tomorrow tonight

By September 20, 2005katrina

Looks like I’m going to be working from Baton Rouge for the next few weeks.  My law firm has a great project there that I’m happy to be able to get involved with, and it requires that I work from Baton Rouge.  Not sure what my living conditions will be like or where I’ll stay, but I’m sure they’ll be spartan given that most of the available living spaces have been taken up.  Baton Rouge assimilated the majority of people who left New Orleans and apparently it’s complete gridlock on the highways there.  Also, I’m pretty sure that my cellphone is going to revert to a state of marginal operation (at least that’s what it seems like from talking to, er, emailing my friends there).  Oh, well, that’s okay.  It’s a new experience and I’ll adapt.

I won’t say what the project that I’ll be working on is (I have a policy of not blogging about anything related to my law firm’s clients), but I can say that it is part of the effort of rebuilding New Orleans.  So, no matter what (ostensible) sacrifices I have to make to be in Baton Rouge, I’m really excited to be involved with this project. I want to help the effort to rebuild New Orleans in whatever way I can.

Update: I’m leaving for Baton Rouge tonight so I can get there for an early morning meeting. A lot of people in Houston are getting worried about Hurricane Rita.  I’m, like, ‘what are you worried about?’  Unless your entire city is decimated, then blanketed by rescue helicopters and subject to martial law, what your really looking at is something less than a ‘major storm.’  Granted, my perspective has been recently skewed.

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  • Steve says:

    Give me a call, Ernie. We’ll do lunch on me in the new Big Easy.


    –Steve Covell

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