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Heading off to TechShow – Hope to see you there!

I’m headed off to Chicago today to speak at the ABA TechShow, which is always exciting. I’ll meet old friends, and make a bunch of new ones. Most of all, I’ll relish hanging with lawyers who appreciate technology, and crave new information about how to make practical use of it in their law practice.

This year is special because both of my co-speakers are people that I’ve long admired, but never had the chance to present with: David Sparks and Antigone Peyton. On Thursday, Antigone and I will cover “Social Media for Litigators,” which is a hot topic and ever-changing. On Friday, David and I will talk about how to be paperless using Mac computers. Both of these talks are going to be really special.

TechShow is an amazing event, and frankly it’s impossible to convey how useful, entertaining and enjoyable it is. If you are a lawyer who owns a smartphone and a computer connected to the Internet then you should be here. If you own an iPad then for sure you should be here. The fastest way to learn how to use technology in your law practice is to come to TechShow. And it’s the most fun too.

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