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Harry Anderson’s club is worth visiting

By May 28, 2006new orleans

Many people remember Harry Anderson as the guy who played the judge in the 1980’s sitcom called Night Court. And many people remember that he liked to do magic.  Anderson now lives in New Orleans and operates a club in the French Quarter called "Oswald’s – A Speakeasy".

Having seen Anderson perform at the recent Tech Revival I decided to go see his show at Oswalds.  I was blown away.  The humor and magic are completely offbeat, and the show is not like anything you would expect.  He performs on Saturdays at 8 pm and the show lasts about 2 hours. Get there at 7 pm or shortly afterwards if you want to be assured of getting a good seat (or, more importantly, just getting in).

While I was waiting to get into the show, I managed to solve one unresolved mystery.  I ran into the guy who had the parrot (named ‘Valentine’) at the Dave Matthews concert at this year’s Jazz Fest.  So I asked him how he manged to sneak the parrot into the Fest. "I just walked in like I owned the place," he said.  Now that’s an impressive magic trick.

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One Comment

  • DD says:

    Too bad the club is closing! I remember Harry Anderson from my college days. He did the university circuit and was just great. I never thought his talent was well utilized on “Night Court.”

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