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Great New Orleans Bars – The Delachaise

By June 20, 2006Uncategorized


The Delachaise bar on St. Charles Avenue has been operating for 3 years as of today, and owner Evan Hayes is having a small party to celebrate.  I discovered the Delachaise only recently, but I love this bar and frequently ride my scooter there to sample the interesting wines and food.   What do I like about the Delachaise?  First, it’s got great ambiance: from an intimately lit interior you look at majestic oak trees on St. Charles Avenue as eclectic music plays in the background.  Evan is constantly updating the music selection (you’ll see his Apple iBook at the far end of the bar if he’s there) so what you hear is always fresh and interesting. 

The other thing I really like about this bar is the free Wi-Fi (big shock, right?), but especially the fact that it’s unobtrusive.  If the Delachaise were overrun by high-strung computer-toting geeks it would kill the atmosphere, but it’s not.  And, the third –but most important– thing I like about the bar is that everyone who works here, from the bar tendresses to the kitchen staff, is incredibly friendly.  If you order a sampling of cheeses, the chef, a guy named Chris, will come out and tell you a little bit about the character of each cheese.  You can tell that he’s really passionate about food, especially cheese. Even author Neil Gaiman has blogged about how great Chris’ food is.

If you haven’t been to the Delachaise (especially if you haven’t been there recently) you owe it to yourself to drop by.  It’s open every day from 5 pm til whenever.

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  • ben says:

    I realize this comment is a bit late, but I love the Delachaise. I no longer live in New Orleans, but while I was in law school this place was mere blocks from my apartment, and I would meet friends there and enjoy the fine selection of Belgian beer. Such a great bar, it’s a shame there aren’t more bars with such a selection and atmosphere.

    As for my experience, I always found the waitresses to be friendly and talkative.

  • Mimi says:

    Hi I wrote the comment before this one. I been keeping track of the extra charge for 20% tip and finally someone in the bar (I will guess) caught it and changed it. THANKS!I was not charghed more than what I consumed, it has been correted. As an advice, still be aware and careful of what you get charged at any bar, especially if you open a tab.

  • Mimi says:

    I agree with “Wiintermute”, bartenders are pretencious, won’t even look at you and will make you wait even though they are not attending anybody at the moment.Also be careful, because I got crarged 20% tip on my credit card, even though i left cash for it and wrote down “cash’ in my receipt. I wonder how many people have been charged more in this 3 years. DO NOT go there, if so be very aware of what you are consuming and paying and check your charges, they are steeling from peiople watch out!

  • evan says:

    thanks for the horrible photo. i usually look a tad bit better.

  • Wintermute says:

    I have mixed feelings about the Delachaise. Agreed, the food is quite good. (The chef is, I believe, married to the author Poppy Z. Brite… somebody correct me if I’m wrong.) On the other hand, the place has got such an attitude. One of those joints where the bartenders act like you have to impress them. If it were a nightclub, it’d be one of those places with the velvet rope lines outside and doorman with an earpiece turning away the non-rich and beautiful, even on a slow night.

  • Robert says:

    Yeah, I dig the place too, but that is one hell of a creepy photograph of Evan dude. I love it.

  • Frolic says:

    Chris puts together one of the best cheese plates in town. All the food is great, and the kitchen stays open late.

    If I could find the link, I’d post my review of Delachaise.

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