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Great Blog Poetry

By October 2, 2005websites

I was waiting for someone to write a great blog poem, which of course would require the clever use of hyperlinks.  So über-kudos to Denise Howell, even though her work is a modification of a familiar poem.

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  • poetry says:

    poetryEducational resource dedicated to researching poetry PoetryEducational resourcecated to researching poetryLove Poetrymore in yahooooooooooPoetry Contestmore againmsnBlack PoetryEducational resource dedicated to researching poetrychild poetrymore inPoetryEducational.

  • Miss Nikki Frazer says:

    I write poetry and want a publisher to put all my poem’s into a book for me to keep for memorie’s sake. My trouble is I have no idea how I go about getting copyrights before hand, and finding a repitable publisher who will take on such a small project and I do not no a thing about copyright’s. Can you advice how I do?

  • Drew - P says:

    What is all this blogging about,Every day, week in, week out?From getting up till going to bed,I’m tired of thinking inside my head.Whether I’m working of whether I’m not,Whether the blog is sexy and hot,Whether I like or whether I don’tWhether I will or whether I won’t–“Have you spelled checked your blog,And created it’s place?”I can’t get out of the blogging-place.

    Whenever I go for a walk or a jog,As soon as I put my thoughts in a blogMy thoughts again, there’s so many thereWith a keyboard and screen, there is so much to share.If I have something better to do,”Now turn on the computer and type til your blue.”

    Before an email is ever begun,And after every blog is done,It’s time to turn the power out.

    Please, what is all this bloggings about?

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