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Grassroots legal defense for bloggers

By December 9, 2004Uncategorized

The blogosphere has been abuzz with talk about the legal turmoil that Jason Kottke has recently gotten into with Sony.   Jeff Jarvis, well-known in the blogosphere as a voice of insight with respect to the influence of blogs on mainstream media, has called for the creating of a Weblog Legal Defense Fund.  My friend Mike Pusateri has taken what appears to be the first step (although I really don’t know because I’m not tuned into the blogosphere as much as usual due to some personal problems I’m dealing with right now) in getting the WLDF going.  Once my grey clouds of personal misfortune scatter, I hope to focus on this very worthwhile idea.  But if you have time and energy now’s a good time to check into this project and see if it appeals to you.

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