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Google’s Chrome browser is pretty slick

By March 29, 2010websites

I had mostly been using the Apple Safari browser up until recently, when I got tired of the constant crashing.  I started using Firefox, which seemed better. When I sent out a tweet about my decision, I got a bunch of rapid fire responses from tech-savvy folks urging me to try the Google Chrome browser.  I got the same suggestion from a few folks at TechShow.  

I finally decided to try the Google browser a whirl.  It took me awhile to get the hang of it (mostly because it's so simple) but I now find myself getting completely hooked. The only downside for me is that my favorite password manager (1Password) doesn't work yet with Chrome.  So I'll just use Firefox for sites that need a password, and hope that the 1Password developers can get their plug-in to work with Chrome.

Don't ever accuse me of being an 'Apple fanboy' because I'll happily point out when Apple fails to deliver.  If you are using Safari and experiencing excessive problems, try Chrome.  Or get a crash helmet.

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  • Marc Williams says:

    My high school aged son encouraged me to try Chrome and I am also now hooked on it. It runs so much faster than IE that I can’t imagine going back.

  • Tom Mighell says:

    Ernie, any interest in changing your password manager? I’ve been using LastPass ( for some time, and I love it. Plus, it has an extension for Chrome. And, it won’t cost you $39.95 like 1Password (Mongo like free, right?….;-) )

  • Although there’s not yet an official 1Password extension for Chrome, there is an alpha version available from Agile Web Solutions, 1Password’s developer. It’s not listed in the Extensions gallery at Google, but it can be found that the Agile Blog: The extension is usable but somewhat unstable and ugly compared with the 1Password integration in Safari.

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