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Goodbye Comments – Spammers win

By January 12, 2004websites

Well, I’m disabling the comments on my weblog and declaring a victory for the comment spammers. I’m tired of deleting spam comments, which is now at least a weekly or semi-weekly proposition. And when they hit they hit in force (I had to delete over 40 just now). I’ve tried banning IP addresses, but the last round of spam assault was generated from multiple IP addresses. I don’t have patience or the right tools to fight this war.

So if you want to comment you can send me an E-mail and if the comment is worth sharing I’ll just edit the post to add it manually. I don’t have the inclination to close the comments on the old posts, but I’ll get to them one by one as the spammers discover them. If TypePad had a global way of closing comments on all the old posts that would probably do the trick. Most comments are made to a post within a day or two of the post going up.

Sorry to have to do this, but I’m just not going to let Viagra ads and Penile enhancements raise their Google stature by adding comments to this weblog. If you happen to want information on Penile enhancements I suggest you consult this weblog.

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