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Global message to friends and family

By September 2, 2005Uncategorized

Thank you for all of your emails and your generous offers of support.  I wish I could answer your emails individually.  At this point, however, I’ve gotten overloaded.  I can’t answer emails anymore and I’m going to have to delete the ones I got.  Please understand.  Thanks.


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  • Betsy Markum says:

    I can’t believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $58113. Isn’t that crazy!

  • Elise Stubbe says:

    Hi Ernie! Glad to see your blog and to hearthat you are ok. We are in Houston and gotout with the kitties. Let me know if you needanything. Elise

  • Lynda Dennis says:

    Hi Ernie,Sorry for the personal post. But I am searching for a mutual friend –Debbie Malveaux. She has a link from her site to yours. I have checkedall of the “missing” and “I’m safe” lists to no avail. Debbie and I wereroomates in law school. I just want to know that she is safe. She hasnot posted to her website since April 2004.Please know that I am keeping all of the Katrina victims in my prayers.Thank you.By the way, I enjoyed your website immensely and will bookmark it.

  • birdman says:

    Good luck to you all from your friends in England. We can’t believe the devastation and the slowness of the response. I am sure you are asking yourselves:”Remind me. Which country are we in…?”Hope help comes soon.

  • Vickie Sander says:

    Hi, where are the “I’m safe” sites?

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