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Give yourself permission

By August 2, 2020October 13th, 2020defining your vision, wisdom

Don’t hope that someone will figure out your optimal life goal and then encourage you to strive for it.

They don’t know what your life goal is. And they wouldn’t care much if they did. Certainly not as much as you will.

Do you know what your life goal is?

Do you truly know?

You probably have a hesitancy of some sort, and that keeps you from exploring this very important thing.

Give yourself permission to find out.

Does it feel awkward to think about how you even begin to explore what your real purpose in life is?

Are you afraid?

What exactly is the feeling that starts to surface when you think about this?

Give your attention to that feeling and keep asking the question, and see what your subconscious will tell you.

What’s that?

You say you don’t have time to stop and think about woo woo things like this.

You’re busy and people are waiting for you to do things, and that stresses you out.

Okay, I understand.

You’re thinking “I don’t have time to think selfish thoughts about what I might want to do with my life if I were free to do whatever I wanted.”

Stop, and take three slow breaths.

Put the phone ringer on silent.

Don’t check your emails.

Give yourself permission to have one quiet moment—to be alone with your innermost thoughts.

Those people that are supposedly waiting on you, or counting on you. Let them wait.

Let them explore their inner thoughts for a moment.

Just realize it’s all good. There’s enough time. So…

Give yourself permission to experience an important moment.

Spend the next few moments imagining what you’d like your life to be like

You’ve probably spent more time worry about silly things that never came to pass.

So, spend the next few moments doing something truly wise. And truly helpful.

Look, here’s the thing, you’re probably not seeing yet…

You have massive power in your subconscious mind. It’s been building up over the past years, and it’s just waiting for permission to be released.

Give your subconscious permission to do its magic.

You’ll be surprised what starts to happen.

Trust me, I know.

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