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Give your business ‘Google Presence’

By August 14, 2007websites

In San Francisco I heard a high level representative of Google speak to some real estate folks.  He offered this tip: if you’re a real estate agent go online and register with Google so that you show up in local search results.  This great tip applies to anyone in business, not just real estate agents.

So how you do you register?  Simple.  Go to Google’s Local Business Center and put in your information and then have Google verify it.  They can verify the information by letter or by phone.  The phone call is immediate.  I just updated my information because Google had me listed with my old law firm.  Even though the verification is immediate (and I mean IMMEDIATE) it can supposedly take a few weeks for the changes to take effect. 

Not doing this (once you know about it) is like saying "I don’t want to put my business listing in the yellow pages, even if it’s free, because it’s too much trouble."  So, now you know.  What are you waiting for?

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