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Getting Organized & Getting Things Done the David Allen way

By March 18, 2004Uncategorized

Getting Things Done is the name of a how-to-get-organized book by David Allen. A lot of people have benefited from David Allen’s seminars and books. My good friend Buzz Bruggeman who is CEO of Activewords (as well has being a full-time lawyer) uses his system and swears by it. I first heard about GTD from Rick Klau, who also enthusiastically recommends the book and its principles. Recently, Robert Scoble attended one of his seminars and found it very useful (I agree with Robert that Allen should get a weblog with an RSS feed). Sherry Fowler, a busy bankruptcy lawyer, also recently started using the GTD system and gives a favorable report. And Mike Wayslik also has some props for the GTD system.

And now it appears that David Allen has a weblog. I can’t tell you how powerful his system is. His tickler file system for keeping track of paper that you need to deal with at a future date is a thing of stunning simplicity. Here is a picture of my tickler file, which is based on the Allen method.

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