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Get some headspace, and avoid the ruts

Change is inevitable and constant, but that doesn’t mean we’re good at accepting it.

In fact, we’re pretty bad.

Most change is imposed against our will, and that’s unsettling. As kids we cope with change pretty well, but as we age we get stuck in ruts.

I’ve been stuck in a rut for the past few years, and even though I kind of knew it was happening, I found it hard to break out. I was busy exploring the Internet, doing speaking gigs, and trying to figure out how to build an online business.

So, I thought I was immune from the ruts. But I wasn’t, because I’m human.

And that’s what humans do as they get older: they settle into ruts. Sometimes, against the odds, they break out.

I started breaking out exactly 93 days ago, which is when I started meditating. I’ve meditated off and on (mostly off) for several years, and never really managed to sustain a steady run.

I’ve found meditation helpful when I tried it, but then I’d get bored and fixate on when the bell was going to ring to let me know my 20 minutes were up.

But this time I’m on a roll with meditation: it’s easier and more benefits are steadily kicking in each time I do it. Still, the benefits are subtle.

But just because a force is subtle doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. Meditation can be very powerful, but you have to learn to do it. In short, meditation is a skill.

It can be learned, but most people think they can’t set aside the time to do it. Or they get bored when they do it, and give up. Like I used to do.

The trick this time was an iPhone app called Headspace. Go to the Headspace website and you can get lots of great information. But, the first step is to take the 10 for 10 challenge, which is a guided meditation for 10 minutes for 10 days straight.

That’s how I started. Just playing around, seeing if I could create a little headspace using an iPhone. An improbable beginning, really.

Now, 93 days later I’m on a completely different path: life is still changing, but so am I.

I don’t resist change as much as I used to. And I can see things for how they really are. I’ve started eating healthier and steadily shed a lot of excess weight (20 lbs in just over a month). Best of all, I find myself pulling out of some of those mindless ruts.

What could happen to you if you set aside 10 minutes for 10 days and learned the skill of meditation? Probably a lot. Maybe you should click and find out.

To learn more about why the Headspace program is so helpful, read my newer post.

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