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From the Big Easy to the Big Apple

By May 26, 2005travel

I’m off to New York City today, mostly for pleasure (and that’s certainly easy to find there).  The weather is supposed to be slightly chllly and overcast and rainy.  No problem.  I like New York no matter what the weather.  One thing I plan to do is visit the newly renovated Museum of Modern Art, and I doubt it will be raining in there. 

Then it’s off to audition for the next season of ‘The Apprentice.’  (Just kidding, of course).  Anyone that thinks they can learn business skills by watching The Apprentice probably also thinks they can learn to pilot an F-14 by watching the movie Top Gun.  You don’t have to own a business to learn important business skills, but that’s probably the best way (and certainly better than watching TV). 

I learned some useful business skills while waiting tables at Commander’s Palace. The owners of that successful New Orleans restaurant were pretty savvy, certainly smart enough to realize that–even though I learned a lot about the restaurant business and life in general during the three years I spent working there–I still wasn’t qualified to take over their business.  Not even for a week.

So I’m not interested in hooking up with TV personalities and media mongers while I’m in New York.  But if anyone else in NYC wants to try to hook up, email me, TextMsg me (see phone# to the right) or call me on my cellphone (504-669-5150).  I can’t promise to be available (since I’ll be hanging with friends), but if we can hook up some kind of way I’m always up for meeting someone from the blogosphere.

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