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Friday’s Literary Trivia Question

By March 18, 2005Uncategorized

What contemporary novel is this passage taken from?

Jeremy’s thought process is so thin that he has the happy consequence of always ending up doing exactly what he wants to do at all times.  He never complicates a desire by overthinking it, unlike Mirabelle, who spins a cocoon around an idea until it is immobile.

First person to answer correctly will have their name prominently displayed next to the answer, which will be posted on Monday.

Update: the answer, as many of you were able to report (some of you admitted to using Google to discover the answer), is Shopgirl by Steve Martin.  The first person to answer correctly was Tena Callahan, an attorney in Dallas, Texas.  Congratulations to Tena!  And thanks to all of you for playing ‘Literary Trivia.’  Next time I might even award prizes.

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