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Friday night before the storm

By September 1, 2005Uncategorized

I’ve gotten a bunch of really nice emails from people that I know.  Some people I know well and some people I had lost touch with.  Here is an excerpt from the email I got from my across-the-street neighbor Kristen Remeza.  She and her husband Rimas and I had been out on Friday night having a drink with some friends at the Columns hotel on St. Charles St.  Her account of that night says a lot about the mindset of New Orleans in the days before the devastating storm:

You know, I can’t help thinking about Friday night. There we were on the porch at the Columns. I have pictures of it. I asked the table about what everyone thought of the encroaching hurricane, but no one responded. Had it been a big threat in our minds, it would have been a topic of conversation. But it wasn’t. We were all so happy and content there on that porch with our Long Island Iced Teas and Sea Breezes. And here we are now, completely scattered but alive … and thankful for that.

It’s strange not to be able to go to your home, your neighborhood, or even your city.  But it’s also strange to have your ‘localized friends’ dispersed throughout the country.  How will we reconnect?  When will we reconnect?  For now, it will be through the Internet.  Yes, we can be thankful for that.

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  • Jennie says:

    Ernie,Glad you and your loved ones are safe! I grew up in Baton Rouge and New Orleans will always hold a place in my heart!!! Part wonderland, part reality, part living history, part escape, always welcoming, always home…..

    Am helping as best I can, all the displaced LA residents staying at our local hotels (S. Montgomery Co. in Texas). I am trying to give them home cooking (jambalaya, gumbo, good bayou coffee!)…

    Hope you and all your family and friends find home again very soon!!! You will all be in my thoughts and prayers day and night.

    Keep talking, keep typing, keep strong!


    PS. Hastert is an ass – to quote Shakespeare: Thou are an ass!!!!!

  • carol says:

    Ernie –

    First, thank you for your posts. Despite the havoc that Katerina has blow into your life, you havemanaged to keep many of us living on the outskirts of this disaster in the loop. I am impressed withyour ability to calmly report the news and to provide insight into the emotional trama each day brings.The past five days have been filled with anguished anticipation of the next communication from N.O.I feel blessed that my friends and family are safe, but I fret about the challenges all of you face inrebuilding your homes and your city.

    The good news is that Katerina has captured the attention of the nation. The Red Cross drive in New Yorkraised over 4 million dollars in 30 minutes last night. On a much smaller scale, my 11 and 9 year old kidshave decided to make emergency relief kits for the vitcims. Living so close to NYC and experiencingfirst hand the impact of 9/11 – my kids have learned that every effort to help is valuable andappreciated. To say I am proud of them in an understatement, to know they are helping the city thatholds so many of my heart strings fills me with joy.

    Good luck to you and your family. I will be thinking about you. You may be Ernie the Attorney to allyour blog readers but you will always be the cutie patotie to me.

    Love, Carol

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