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Friday Hodgepodge

By September 2, 2011Uncategorized

Here’s my end-of-the-week braindump of things I’m now interested in, or that might be worth paying more attention to later.

Productivity Tips

  • Pick Four Godin’s tribute to Zig Ziglar, who he credits with giving him the simple informational tools to become successful in business. The Pick Four book set is Seth’s gift to us. Well, those who are willing to work and put the information to use.

Louisiana Lawyers: Tips

  • The Louisiana Record is a website that posts daily news about our state’s legal system. They have an RSS feed, which many folks wouldn’t know how to use. But they also have an email subscription that will deliver news weekly. All this is free.

Twitter: Follow Friday

  • @Baratunde is widely known by techies and internet-savvy folk. He’s funny and he knows a lot about technology. He’s a senior editor with the Onion. In other words, he’s mostly funny.

Uncommon advice

Hurricanes aren’t funny, but they sometimes leave humor in their wake.

  • After NYC’s mayor Michael Bloomberg tried his hand at speaking spanish during a briefing it stirred someone to create a humorous Twitter feed. The feed is called El Bloombito and I have to admit it’s pretty clever. We in New Orleans found that, after Katrina, a little humor went a long way to keeping the frenzy of media attention in perspective. Chin up New York!

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