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Friday hodgepodge

By August 26, 2011Uncategorized

Here’s my end-of-the-week braindump of things I’m now interested in, or that might be worth paying more attention to later.

Writing Tips


Productivity tips

  • 43 Folders – excellent site from a pivotal thinker/writer of productivity tips for the digital world.
  • Moleskin notebooks – sometimes old school tools are needed for productivity (Merlin Mann and other techies use them, so maybe I should too).

Steve Jobs

Social Media

  • Hashable – long term radar, not sure if it will gain traction.
  • Foursquare – geo-location service has already gained critical traction .
  • Square Card Case – the consumer’s companion tool to Square’s tool for merchants. This company is going to disrupt mobile payments big time.

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