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Free Wi-Fi at New Orleans Airport

By March 31, 2005Uncategorized

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m off to the ABA TechShow in Chicago.  I got to the airport this morning to learn that my United Flight had been cancelled due to weather problems in its originating city, Chicago.  No problem.  It’s not United’s fault that the weather got bad.  It was nice of them to send me an automatic voicemail message last night telling me something had changed with my reservation.  I called the number they gave me to get ‘more information’ and then I got to play the ‘rat in a phone maze’ game.  You know the one where you try to guess which keypad number is the correct one and none of the choices involve talking to a live human being?

Anyway, the United check-in representative gave me the bad news this morning, but then promptly booked me on an American flight that leaves a couple of hours later.  So, having time to kill I went in search of coffee, which led me to PJ’s Coffee shop right by the entrance to Concourse C.  As I looked around for a seat I saw a nice fellow with a laptop (who it turns out is a lawyer from L.A.) so I asked him if by chance there was internet access.  He said that there was; so here I am at PJ’s on their Wi-Fi connection.  It’s free but you have to login.  The username is ‘coffee’ and the password is ‘coffee’.  They have lots of power outlets too, so if you are in the New Orleans airport with time to kill come to the PJ’s.  Free Wi-Fi and friendly service.  What more could you ask for?

For a more comprehensive list of the places in New Orleans with free Wi-Fi click the link below this post that says ‘NOLA Wi-Fi’

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