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Fox drops suit against Franken – So why did they bring it in the first place?

By August 26, 2003law

The New Yorker: “So what was Fox thinking? Old Hollywood hands ought to know. They might recognize, in the extravagance and folly of a flimsy lawsuit, the telltale signs of an appeasement gift, a sop to a sulking star—the sulker, in this case, being Bill O’Reilly, the top-rated anchor on cable…Bill O’Reilly might be setting a new standard for placation presents. Take back your mink, your diamonds, and your pearls. For a real star, only a preliminary injunction will do.”

Marty Schwimmer the top-notch legal eagle over at The Trademark Blog has three final observations on the Franken suit. I especially like number 3:

“Clients come to us in part because of our judgment.  If we are thinking In bringing this particular suit in this particular manner, the client exposes itself to risk greater than that of the complained-of act and we do not communicate that thought effectively to the client, then we are cheating the client.”

Amen, brother. Amen.

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